Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011

Goodbye 2011!!

2011 has been a great year for me and my hubby! It was full of both happy and sad moments, that have helped Jordan and I to grow closer as a couple and prepare us for our future together.

Top 10 memorable moments for us in 2011:

1) I finished Nursing school, and passed my boards!

2) Jordan finished his Masters in Business and international business.

3) We went on an amazingly fun Cruise.

4) Went to spring training in phoenix!

5) Jordan's Grandmother passed away, it was a bitter sweet moment, we were missing her so much here, but so happy she was able to return with her loving husband who she had been without for 50 years.

6) Both my Grandpa Pyeatt and Grandma Pyeatt passed away. My grandpa in July, and Grandma in October. It has been a really hard time for our family, we miss them both so much as we remember what wonderful parents, and grandparents they were to us!

7) We were able to sale our house in Cruces within a month of putting it on the market.

8) We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving in Arizona with they Pyeatts, and were able to meet up with the Webbs in Phoenix. We spent a wonderful Christmas in Utah with the Webbs.

9) Jordan finished up number 1 in sales in the whole country with his company! I am so proud of this major accomplishment and stepping stone in his career!!!

10) We found out that we are going to have a baby girl in March!!!! We are so looking forward to meeting our precious baby girl, and being parents!!

Hello 2012! We are excited to see what you have in store for us!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miracle dog, and a snow day!

Two Sundays ago Jordan and I had just gotten home from Sunday dinner at my parents house. We always bring Tucker (our dog) to my parents because they have a dog too, and Tucker likes to play with her. So when we pulled into our drive way Tucker was sitting in Jordan's lap he opened the door and Tucker jumped out and ran to a park across the street. When he turned around to come back there was a car coming, he stopped for the car, but there was another car right behind it. As soon as the first car passed he jetted out in front of the second car. The car ran right into Tucker, he went under the car and rolled out the back, and then darted into the house under the couch. Jordan and I were both frantic. Jordan lifted the couch we grabbed Tucker expecting to see a battered dog, but besides being a little shaky he appeared fine, but we rushed him to the animal hospital just incase. After an extensive physical the vet could not find anything wrong with him. It was amazing. He walked away with nothing more then a scratch. He had a puffy jacket on (the one in the picture above) and we think that helped to save him, but when its all said and done we know it was a miracle. The next day we woke up to about 7 inches of snow, we made sugar cookies and enjoyed our snow day, (luckily with Tucker)!

Snow in our backyard!

Monday, December 12, 2011

October 31st and November

On October 31st we found out that we are having a little girl!!! We are so excited! Because we found out on Halloween we decided to get festive with it and carved a pumpkin that says its a girl on it! It was so fun!

Oh this is also my 20 week bump!!

November was a great month! On the fifteenth we celebrated Jordan's 28th birthday, it is crazy how fast time is going by.

I got Jordan a new suitcase for when he travels...

...and then I filled it with a few little gifts, and some heart coupons! I took the picture backwards, and I am not to sure how to flip it the right way! haha

I set the table especially for Jordan, I found a baby picture of him, and framed it, we had a fun little birthday dinner together!

Adorable baby picture of my hubby!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Tucson with my sister. We had a good turkey day and then we went to phoenix, where Jordan's parents had gone for thanksgiving and spent the weekend with them.

Everyone hanging out in Laura's apartment on Thanksgiving day!

My adorable Husband, and mom!

Jordan watching the game on the little TV because the big TV didn't get cable! haha

When we got home we set the tree up, one of my most favorite things to do around this time of year!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

San Francisco Trip numero dos

Jordan and I were able to go on another little trip to San Fran this year. He had a work convention there and then I flew out and met up with him after it was over. I was there Monday night through Thursday (October 17-20).

Monday Night:
We ate dinner at a cute little italian restaurant. It was very delicious! Checked into our hotel and rented a movie.

We drove to Muir Woods where there were some beautiful gigantic redwood trees. We were able to go on a little hike. One of the trees there which had fallen to the ground was dated back to 909 A.D. it was amazing to think how long they had been there and what all had happened since they first sprouted. After that we drove to Napa ate lunch and then drove by some beautiful vineyards. On the way back to San Francisco we drove by the Oakland temple we went to their visitors center where we got to see one of their new exhibits about families. It was amazing and made me so excited about our cute little one on the way!

Jordan in front of one of the Redwoods!!

This is the tree that had fallen that was dated back to 909 A.D.

Us, in front of a redwood with a big cave inside. Also this is my 18 week Bump!

Nothing but muscle baby!!

We stopped and took pictures, and a video outside of Napa!
The Oakland Temple! It is so beautiful!

We went to what I like tocall the central park of San Francisco. In this huge beautiful park there were botanical gardens, japanese gardens, and a natural history museum. We decided to check out the Japanese Gardens, we walked around the garden it was so peaceful and beautiful. They also hada little place you could buy a warm cup of tea or japanese soup. Jordan and I got some miso soup. We left the garden and walked by the natural history museum, it looked really cool so we decided to find out how much it would cost to go. when we asked the guy at the ticket booth he told us itwas free for the day, so we walked right in. There was an aquarium, a rain forest exhibit, and tons of other cool exhibits. We walked around it for awhile and then decided we would go to china town. In china town we ate lunch and then walked around the little shops.

At the Japanese gardens there was this really cool looking bridge.

At the Japanese gardens!
Part of the aquarium exhibit at the Natural History museum.

We drove to Half moon bay, which was an incredibly beautiful drive. We ate lunch at a cute little seafood place, and then drove back to San Francisco. We went shopping at a mall close to the airport, and then caught our flight back home. We had a great little trip, but we were excited to get home too!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Where did those four months go?

So I believe the last time I wrote anything was the beginning of the summer, Now it is the beginning of the Fall, So I guess I will give a quick down low of what has been going on with the Webbs.


This summer had both its happy and sad times. Unfortunately my Grandpa Pyeatt passed away at the beginning of July which was a very hard and sad time for our family. He was a great man and we all love and truly miss him. Also in July on happier notes, we sold our house in Cruces, I passed my NCLEX, and we were able to havea fun visit in Utah with Jordan's family.

Another really exciting event for us in July is after 7 months of trying to get pregnant, I finally got a positive pregnancy test!!!! Wahoo!! I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant and I am due March 19th.


This was the first semester in my life since I was five years old that I did not start back to school in August, it was a bitter sweet moment to realize I was done with school forever.


My adorable little brother Jake left for the MTC in Argentina on September 8th. He will be serving a two year mission in Uruguay. We were super excited for him, but also miss him already so much. Also in September I did a little redecorating, and redid our bedroom and bathroom, I still have a few last finishing touches on the room before it is complete and I can post pictures. Also during september I celebrated my 24th birthday, my adorable husband got me a sewing machine, (i have yet to sew anything but I am excited to get started). He also made me a candy gram which was adorable, I loved the message and the candy on it.

So far this month has been great, I started the month off with visiting my sister in Tucson. We had a blast together, and she helped me to shop for some maternity clothes. On Halloween we will find out the sex of the baby!!!!!!

Well, that basically wraps up the last four months!!!

Here are some fun pictures:

This is what we gave my parents to tell them they were going to be grandparents!

Me at 16 Weeks pregnant:

My adorable husband made me this for my birthday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodbye Juanita

We sold Juanita (my 1997 honda accord). Juanita was a great car, she got me through all of high school and college, and she never had one complaint! Goodbye Juanita, we will sincerely miss you, I hope you are as nice to your next driver!


So, I decided to start a garden. Since we are renting a house, and we have nothing but rocks in our backyard I decided to get a square foot garden from Sam's Club. We filled it with, vermiculite, manure, and soil. I have planted radishes, onions, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and carrots. I have planted most all of the seeds, (I still have 3 square feet to fill, hopefully it is not to late) It has been a week since we planted everything and I have a few sprouts of radishes, but nothing else so far. Also I decided to plant some flowers as well. Here are some pictures, I hope in a month or two I will have a picture and posting about my fruitful garden!!

This is the layout for the garden!

This is a picture taken right after I planted everything.

These are my beautiful flowers, I hope that I don't kill them!